Question: What is the EMP/EOTMP?

Answer: The End of the Map Party is a community built, operated, and attended event in which the Element Animation Minecraft community comes together for one of the biggest events on the server to bid farewell to the current map, and enjoy time with fellow community members.

Question: Can I help with the production of the party?

Answer: Absolutely! Applications to join our build team are currently open and we look forward to seeing your application!

Question: Where is the party?

Answer: The location of the party is kept a closely guarded secret leading up to the day of the event. All team members are expected to keep the location and details confidential as to maintain a sense of secrecy and excitement around the event.

Question: When is the party?

Answer: Due to the nature of resets, we do not have a planned date for the event. Following the announcement of a reset we will release a time/date. Often the party will occur the day before the reset is scheduled to occur.

Question: How long will the party last?

Answer: The party often runs about 2-3 hours long, but it varies. We may run longer depending on attendee interest and attendance.

Question: Can I help without joining the build team?

Answer: Absolutely! There are many ways to support the party without joining the build team. We primarily accept anonymous monetary in-game donations at EMPCampus, or public donations though /mpay to Party_Planner.

Question: What will be at the party?

Answer: Whilst the majority of the event is kept a secret until made open to the public, some of the party will consist of games for attendees to play, competitions, giveaways and more.

Question: How can I get to the party?

Answer: On the day of the party, a public warp will be set up roughly 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, so players can visit as they please.

Question: Can I see the party?

Answer: To keep the event a surprise for players and staff, we do not allow visitors of any kind at the event until day-of, players found at the property will be asked to leave or removed. Only authorized personnel will be permitted on party grounds before the event.

Question: Will the event be streamed?

Answer: Yes! For those at the event or unable to attend, we will be streaming the event live on Twitch, we hope to see you there!